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9 Ways to Gain Clarity, Growth and Freedom in Your Construction Firm

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About the Author

I’m Chris and I help empower construction firm owners to optimise financial performance, enhance cash flow, amplify profits and free up time so they can focus on growing their business.

I have over 15 years experience in accountancy and finance, working closely with construction firm owners to automate their financial function, provide accurate and timely data and insights to help improve profits, cash flow and free up their time. I have helped construction firms ranging from £100k turnover to over £20m in turnover.

I focus on getting the simple stuff right every time and building systems to ensure accurate data is recorded and reported. Systemising this allows us to report accurately giving you the peace of mind to make informed decisions on the data and trends in your business, so you can crush your goals and increase profits and the value in your business.


About Thomas Emlyn Ltd

Thomas Emlyn’s mission is to relieve construction firm owners of their financial stresses and strains. Every action that we take allows us to provide busy firm owners with accurate and valuable insights into their business. This helps them make faster, more informed decisions, increasing the profit and the value of their business, and getting back their time.